Updates: 29 March 2020 (Oops)

Yep, I royally fucked up (although I don’t know how). I was trying to install the BanManager Web Interface so that our mod team (and you) could look up and adjudicate bans if they happened, and I accidentally overwrote the sudoers file on the service I’m using to host the website!

What does that actually mean? I overwrote the root user, and thus couldn’t add anything new to the website anymore. Luckily, I could take a backup and transfer it to another virtual machine and salvage (some) of the website.

I spent the rest of the afternoon reformatting the site to make it even better! Now we should be back in business, however, I lost all server update posts that existed beforehand. Trust me, they existed.

Things that I updated most recently:

  • DynMap render
  • DynMap interface
  • Towny DynMap
  • Fully updated to 1.15.2! Let’s play w/ some pandas!
  • Completely redid MobArena
  • Balanced (hopefully) the economy
  • Added a subdomain for the server. You can now join using play.malicemc.com!

Sorry about losing that information, though. It actually still exists, but the only people that can get to it is Google…

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Bigfoot questioner, extreme ironer, cheese doodler, and chili cheese dog eating champion of my apartment. Also, the MaliceMC server owner.

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